Eliminate Lost Laundry

“The dryer ate my socks.”

I’ve heard my friends say this and I’ve said this, but for me it’s usually followed by “…my husband’s and my daughters socks, too.” And, most of the time I accept the fact that the dryer did indeed make my warm, wooly winter socks disappear. Really, where do they all go?

But, no more! I won’t give up my socks, mittens, or any other small article of clothing to the dryer demons. Not without a fight. The solution is quite simple and the benefits, well, very satisfying.

I found this great project and was able to simplify the steps without losing the final product.

Laundry Board: photo by Sassy Style

What you’ll need…

  • 5 or 6 clothespins (depending on how many you want in the frame)
  • A framed cork board, any size that works for your room (available at most craft + office supply stores)
  • Hot glue
  • Fabric or thick stock paper (pick a pattern that fits your decor and cut to the size of the cork)
  • Paint (any home or craft paint)
  • Sharpie Marker or Paint Marker

Get started…

  • Paint the frame and clothes pins, allow to dry.
  • Cut the fabric or thick paper to fit the cork part of the board.
  • With the Sharpie Marker or any type of writing medium you choose, write the headline. Have fun with this part. Try “wanted”, “lost”, “missing”.
  • Hot glue the clothes pins evenly apart towards the bottom of the cork.
  • Hang on the wall with the hanging fixtures on the back of the board.

Laundry Board: photo by Sassy Style

When a piece of clothing goes missing, clip the match to the board. This is what I’ve needed, because when I think I found the match, I can’t find the original. And, the saga continues, until now.

We might not be able to solve the dryer mystery, but when the socks reappear we will at least be ready.

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Thanks to @sassygirlshop.

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