School Desk Redo

As we here in the Corbin/Brown house countdown the days till the school bell rings it is making me nostalgic. We opened the teacher assignment letter, we are eagerly awaiting the bus route to be published in the local paper and the girls are having play date after play date with all their friends who they have missed after a summer away. I can not help but think of my last days of summer when I awaited for the school doors to open. So much has changed and so much has stayed the same. As we prepare to sharpen our pencils and crack the books in my house I hope you will enjoy the next few posts which will be dedicated to the process of getting into the swing of school. To get you in the mood for all this inspiration how about indulging me in my nostalgic trip by taking a look at some of these new twists on a class room classic?


Found on The Gypsy Wife

Found on Marvelously Messy

Found on Beautiful Nest

Found on Bunch of Bishops

Found on Dysfunctional Design


Found on Mocoloco