Birthday Party Decorating

Here at the workshop, we love a true birthday dilemma and the other day we got one!

Score one for our team.

My Friend’s husband wanted to throw his wife a surprise birthday dinner. Not just any dinner but one that mirrored one I threw for my husband back in July because he said his wife (my friend) went on and on about it. Although I was honored that my fete had made such an impression I reminded him that it was a backyard dinner complete with a banjo player, outdoor lights and hay bales for seats. A hoe down type party if you will…

William’s Birthday Table (July)

“Exactly” was his response and for sure we needed hay!  Please note we are talking about a New York City apartment in January. “I am on it” was my response!

So we created casual brown bags for utensils which included bandanas for napkins.

Utensil Bags

For the benches we covered hay bales with large pieces of fabric.

Hay Benches Covered in Fabric

For the table we placed a layer of newspaper and cut canvas to the size of placemats and attached paint pens so that each guest could do a drawing of the birthday girl, which then could be placed in a book as a keepsake.

Canvas Placemats for the Table

Instead of lights we placed helium ballons all over the ceiling and hung tags of love from the strings.

Ballons Tagged with Birthday Love

For the center of the table we bought grass filled boxes and cut sunflower heads and lined them down the table.

Sunflower Table Runner

And oh yes, a few bunches of hay and sunflowers to place here and there.

Sunflower + Hay Arrangements

And all this in a matter of hours!!!!!!!! Hoe Down meets New York City…Complete.

Score two for our team.

The Whole Picture

Next, we sat back and heard that the lady of the hour enjoyed!

Score three for our team.

So a big THANKS to my hard working staff for making my orginal party so memorable and once again for making my friend’s husband look so good and making my friend’s birthday so special. I always know with the creative spirits I have been lucky enough to gather by my side that The Katie Brown Workshop will be a triple threat and then some.

You too will score big if you remember anything is possible when planning your next party.

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