Berries, Berries, Everywhere!

Everywhere we look we see lots and lots of delicious, colorful, and plump summer berries – in markets, in fields, and on menus. Here at the Workshop, we never pass up an opportunity to go berry picking. However, we tend to get a little overexcited and often end up collecting too many berries than we know what to do with. Whether you have an overabundance of berries (like us!) or you’re looking for new ways to enjoy them, here is some inspiration:

Vanilla cream pies with summer berries. Spotted on: Roost.

Summer berry crepes. Spotted on: Cafe Zupas.

Berry and chicken salad with candied pecans. Spotted on: Foods of Our Lives.

Mixed berry trifle. Spotted on: Tartelette.

Frozen berry-lime liquado. Spotted on: Health.