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My Favorite Walk

Every day I’m at my orchard, I go on this incredible walk.  It’s a pretty long trek (about five miles) that goes out through the utterly gorgeous landscape. Off I went on the long country road…. I saw a man teaching a little boy how to fish along a stream- pure country cuteness. The woodland […]

The Ripe Young Age of Five

It was Prentiss’ fifth birthday! She walked around, shaking her head, saying, “Can you even believe I’m FIVE?” Now, as you might imagine, I’m not much of a store-bought cake kind of a person.  But weeks ago, I was at the store with Prentiss and she saw this princess cake.  She had to have it- […]

A Visit from the Tooth Fairy

Prentiss lost her first tooth! It was wiggling for a while, and then, with a little help from her dad, out it came.  She has been VERY excited to show off her new gap-toothed grin. After the tooth fairy came, Prentiss told me I could quit my job, because she has a lot more teeth […]

A Weekend at the Orchard

We just spent the most magnificent weekend at our orchard in the Berkshires.  Western Massachusetts is GORGEOUS- actually, right now, when all the fruit trees are blossoming, buds are opening everywhere, and I could hardly drag myself back to the city. The mountains come alive in May.  Here’s a weathervane I made a few years […]

My Daughters, the Stars

My daughter Prentiss is about to turn five (!), and Monday it was Parent’s Day at her  ballet class.  My pink ballerina could do anything!  Pirouettes, arabesques, plies, first position- you name it.  Her father and I were so proud!

City Island made my Sunday better!

On Sunday night it was SUPER hot out here in New York.  Early in the day I had to go a memorial service, which was pretty depressing, to say the least.  I just wanted to stay at home with my family, relax, maybe have a little picnic in the backyard… But NO, the Tribeca Film Festival has been […]