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Super Bowl Party Centerpiece and Favors

Super Bowl parties deserve some team spirit, but it doesn’t have to be over the top. In fact, you can make a centerpiece that will work for game day and can stay right there on your table…you just have to pluck out a few plastic football players! Turn a tray of fast-growing wheatgrass into a […]

Birthday Party Decorating

Here at the workshop, we love a true birthday dilemma and the other day we got one! Score one for our team. My Friend’s husband wanted to throw his wife a surprise birthday dinner. Not just any dinner but one that mirrored one I threw for my husband back in July because he said his […]

Vegan Recipes

Here at the Workshop, we love a request. For every Facebook post asking for birthday party ideas or tweet asking for low-carb menus, a blog post is born! After posting some fabulous gluten-free recipes for you wheat-free fans out there, we heard you also wanted vegan recipes. With almost every special dietary regimen out there, you […]

Cooking On the Griddle

Ever been to a diner and watched the cook chop, sizzle and flip your meal right on the griddle? An entire breakfast, lunch or dinner is made up on the same hot surface, and then there’s a wipe or a scrape, and the next meal begins. Whether it’s pancakes, eggs and bacon, or a chicken caesar wrap, […]

Eliminate Lost Laundry

“The dryer ate my socks.” I’ve heard my friends say this and I’ve said this, but for me it’s usually followed by “…my husband’s and my daughters socks, too.” And, most of the time I accept the fact that the dryer did indeed make my warm, wooly winter socks disappear. Really, where do they all go? […]

Choosing Bold Paint Color

You have all heard it. Paint with BRIGHT paint colors. Paint with UNIQUE paint colors.  Be BOLD with your paint choices. Don’t be afraid to combine INTERESTING paint colors…But how? How do you know what to combine? How do you know what colors to use? How do you know where and when to combine them? Here’s our tried and true solution […]

Recipes with Winter Citrus

Clementines, kumquats, blood oranges, grapefruits, lemons…are you puckering up yet? Winter citrus acts like a shot of adrenline in the heart of those hearty heavy cold-weather standards. Just when you feel like another potato might bury you, bring in a spritz of your favorite Vitamin C-infused fruit and you’ll be feeling light as a feather […]

Cucumber Toner

My daughter is a seven-year-old make up artist. With a mom who barely manages with lip balm, it’s quite the mystery! While I’m not too keen on her being a painted lady of the second grade, a little fun in the beauty department won’t hurt anyone. Natural spa products are fun way to go: you […]

Snow Play

Children Make You Want to Start Life Over. – Muhammad Ali We were about two hours into our drive to our apple orchard in the Berkshires, when snow started falling. Despite the late date, it was the first sign of snow this season. I thought to myself, “UGHHHHHH! Now everything will be harder, grimmer and […]

Enjoy Green in the Winter

I don’t know about you, but the dreary overcast skies are really putting a damper on the colors around here. And, it’s times like these that I need a quick way to add just enough green to liven things up, put some pep in my step. When you can’t rely on a sunny day to […]