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Keep Valentine Flowers Longer

Oh how we love being in the company of colorful flowers! They just make us smile, and we never want it to end. We can’t change the inevitable, beautiful flowers will eventually wilt. And, after a holiday that is filled with vases of flowers upon vases of flowers it can even be harder to see […]

Lemon-Thyme Pound Cake Recipe

Sometimes, a girl needs some frills in her life! And Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to get frilly. Whether it’s for a wife, a mother, a daughter, or a friend…pamper the woman in your life with an extra special homemade treat. This Lemon-Thyme Pound Cake is a delicate blend of sweet and herbal that […]

Homemade Valentine Projects

Do you ever feel like Valentine’s Day is a time where the parents have to flex their creative muscles? The pressure’s on to find a cute homemade valentine that my daughters can recreate 25 times over with inexpensive materials. Yes, we could always go buy the boxed valentines from the grocery store…but there’s something about […]

Homemade Love

My husband and I have a fun Valentine’s day tradition: we are not allowed to spend money on our gifts to each other. That is right–all homemade, all the time. I bet right now you are saying to yourself, “So not fair,” because you think I, the born-and-bred crafter/cooker, would outdo my corporate/executive husband. Well, […]

Valentines Day Gift

In this season of love, roses and carnations get all the glory. Those flowerless plants out there can make great gifts, too! How about this adorable Clothespin Planter from the super creative Camilla Fabbri over at Family Chic? With a recycled can, clothespins, and a handful of grass seed, you can have gifts for all […]

Valentine’s Day Treats

A holiday dedicated to showing our loved ones just how much we cherish their presence in our lives is wonderful, but we are stating the obvious that it can be overwhelming. The goal is not to be stressed with all the beautiful ideas, but to simplify without losing their essence. We could get really elaborate with pink […]

Super Bowl Small Bites Recipes

Whether you call them finger foods, appetizers or hors d’ouevres, the Super Bowl is synonymous with small bites. For the athlete, #1 fan or foodie, the biggest football game of the year gives us all an opportunity to indulge in the cheesiest, crunchiest, and can’t-have-just-one recipes out there. Here are 5 winning appetizer recipes that […]

Score Points with Super Bowl Desserts

Sunday, February 5th, will be all about the football experience, but c’mon the super bowl is also about the food experience. Oh yes, the commercials too. The superbowl can be enjoyable for people who love the sport, who love to socialize, and who just love to eat! We all know how good grub is important […]