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Recycled & Reused Flower Vase

We have been in the midst of the darkest days of the year and with that the light switches stay up a little longer. And, bulbs burn out a little sooner. Sometimes its hard to find the motivation to get out the step ladder and change those light bulbs that we’ve tried to ignore for […]

Soup’s On

Our top ten reasons why you should get busy making a great big kettle of soup today. 1. The perfect time of year. When the cold air is still blowing outside your door, it’s time to warm things up inside. 2. A tasty way to enjoy stale bread. Dunk crusty bread into a big bowl […]

The Kitchen Island

As people who spend a fair amount of time in the kitchen we stress the importance of a purposeful one. The kitchen is the heart of homes. It’s no place to be getting fancy without being functional. Every part has a job, a responsibility. It all works together for a seamless kitchen experience. We owe […]

In the Fridge: Snack Time

If your kids are anything like mine, then you know how important snack time is. It’s the first thing said off the bus and sometimes the last thing said before bedtime: “Can I have a snack?” Help kids help themselves! While there are tons of pre-packaged snack packs on the grocery shelves, they’re not always […]

Silverware Envelope Project

Are you getting ready for any spring get-togethers? Okay, it’s only the end of February, but you can’t blame a girl for hoping! When the wintertime blues have you down, bring yourself up with bright and hopeful splashes of color and smells strategically placed around your house. Start lighting the spring scented candles: fresh laundry, lavender, […]

Design that Moves

Shhh! We’ve got a little secret to share with you that will bring out the design guru inside of you all! Ready? Everyone, meet The Caster. Yes, this thing! Have you ever looked around your living room and felt that antsy, “I gotta change something” feeling? Or bolted upright in the middle of the night […]

Low Carb Recipes

Here you go our wonderful viewers. This post was requested by you and we’re excited to share it! Let’s get cracking with some low carb recipe options. Our biggest concern with low carb dishes is losing the full flavor by cutting corners here and there to make those “bad” numbers go down and those nutritional […]

Snowmen Craft Projects

The art of the snowman is a delicate one. 1. You have to have a good amount of snow on the ground. 2. You have to have that perfect consistency of packing snow at your disposal. 3. You have to endure the elements long enough to roll up those three big snowballs. When the stars […]

A Goulash Recipe for All

One of the joys of cooking is watching everyone smile and nod while making those “mmhmm” exclamations as they spoon more of your tasty meal into their mouths. We all know a meal is so good when the table is silent. Kind of sounds impossible when 32 first cousins get together. Really, we can never […]

Furniture Facelift: Knobs, Pulls, Latches

One of the best and easiest parts of the Connecticut home renovation was choosing all the knobs, pulls and latches that decorated the furniture– they’re like the jewelry of a room! It’s an inexpensive way to update furniture in any room. Don’t have the budget for all new kitchen cabinets? Change the knobs! Want a […]