Apple Candle Projects

My favorite fall activities revolve around my life up at the apple orchard. My family and I rush up there on weekends to indulge in the outdoor lifestyle: feeding crazy chickens, warming up with nighttime bonfires and picking apples. It’s idyllic, I tell you!

In prime apple season, there are hundreds of fallen apples that aren’t quite right for eating, but aren’t split open or rotting either. What to do? We leave many for the Orchard critters, but I like to round up a dozen or so to decorate the house. It could be as simple as filling up a big glass bowl- the bright red and green apples bring the spirit of the Orchard indoors…even if they aren’t perfectly round, shiny and spotless.

Don’t you love the look of these apple candle holders? Turns out it’s not so hard to make these. You can use a utility knife to cut out the top of the apple core, or you can buy this inexpensive tool, the Candle Carver, to make it an easier process. To avoid browning, brush olive oil on the cut section to seal it off. No reason not to try it!

Don’t bob for these apples! Create several apple candles and float them in a galvanized tub. Photo by: Eric Frierson

Set the apple candles on top of a wood paver and toss in a few pine cones. How easy is that? Photo by: Laura Fenton

Stick an apple candle in a mini pot for a simple and elegant fall place setting. Photo by Maria @DreamyWhites

Line up a handful of the apple candles to create a dramatic, though simple, table/mantle/buffet centerpiece. Photo by: Lamber De Bie

Looking for more apple projects? Try the Katie Brown Workshop monogramed Apple Place Setting or Apple Centerpiece for some fall fun!

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