6 Laundry Room Cheats That Will Make Doing Laundry Easier

This laundry room is doing so much RIGHT.


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What Makes it Good:

In a very small area they have a lot of different areas that allow one to work hard. Two marble counter tops where people can fold, stack and shout it out, a sink for hand-washing, three separate cabinets for storing, and baskets for collecting.

What I Love Most:

I love that the very utilitarian washer and dryer are topped with opulent marble. The marble is  where most hands-on work will take place. It elevates this room and makes me want to get busy. The marble is coupled with pretty light fixtures and classy cabinets. Nothing is better then equipping what in the past has been a forgotten, ignored room with class and pretty details.

5 Ideas to Copy:

1. Always have multiple baskets on the ready for quick and easy storage for things found in pockets, mis-matched socks or spot removers –similar to the 5 baskets you see here.

2. Copy the arm lamp seen here between the washer and dryer. If you have easy access to a flexible spot light, it can highlight any ironing or spot removal that may need to be done.

3. Have a big clean solid work surface for folding and sorting, like the marble counter top we see on top of the washer and dryer.

4. Bring color into your laundry room, but keep the colors soothing, inviting and mild so that it will be a relaxing place to work –much like the pale yellows and mild blues used in this laundry room.

5. Do not just spend money on your kitchen cabinets, bring that same type of counter and cabinet design into the layout of your laundry room design. The built in cabinets here make the most out of the space.

6. Hand washing will be made so much easier if you put a sink in your laundry room. This one built in between the washer and the dryer really makes cleaning easy.

Steal the Look:

Basket for Storage

Basket for Storage

arm lamp

Swing Arm Lamp

Wire Baskets

Wire Baskets


Wash Tubs

Wash Tub

organic soap

Organic Soaps


dryer balls

Wool Dryer Bal