5 Simple Ways to Add Some Design Trends to Your Bedroom

Room of the Day

Room of the Day Spotted on Woo Home

What Makes it Good:

Bedroom lighting is so important. It should be a priority right form the get-go when designing a bedroom. In this room not only do they have multiple built in spot lights, but they have several other ceiling lamps at varying heights, which makes the room glow.

What I love the Most:

Oh how I love it when a bedroom also has a comfy and cozy place to sit and relax, other than the bed. I so enjoy the way this designer uses this base of the bed as a place to back up a big comfy couch. This way I can go to sleep while my husband puts up his feet and snacks on popcorn and watches house of cards. Not only is this kind of arrangement good for the look of the room, but it can be good for a relationship.

5 Ideas to Copy:

1. Do not forget the ceiling. The layered framed look in this bedroom highlights the ceiling. If you can not do this in such a major way at least paint it a cool way. This is the one room in the house where you can not help but look up.

2. Use multiples of three at least three times. Please note the three throw pillows on the bed and on the couch. Also see the three framed photos above  the head board. 3x3x3 gives room a great design sense.

3. Something reflective in a room is a must. Here they place two mirrored chest of drawers on either side of the bed adding just the right touch of reflection.

4. Place a sitting area in a room. Here they do it by taking advantage of a much forgotten area the foot of the bed. The area is made even more livable by a soft stool in front of the couch which can work as a foot rest or another place to sit.

5. Light it well. Have at least three different light sources at various heights. In this room they have built in lights, a center light and lights on either side of the bed.


Steal the Look:

Mirrored side chests

Hanging ceiling lights

Hanging spot lights

Soft stools

Throw pillows

Tufted head board

Framed black and white photos