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The start of school is a study in coordination.  Syncing schedules might as well be a full time job! After school dance class, before school language club, lunch bunch, room parent meetings….My girls are loving the independence of going off to school for the day and they’re taking the opportunities to have some fun after study time.

My six-year-old Prentiss has found her niche in, of all things, chess! What used to be sport for the older men in the park has filtered down into younger generations—how cool is it that they offer chess club at the elementary school?

Seeing a board set up with the sleek kings, queens, rooks and pawns aligned conjures up feelings of rainy summer days in Northern Michigan. So what if I was playing checkers? Memories, like rainy day games, are timeless and ageless.

Are there games from your childhood that have resurfaced to become your kids’ favorites?

Do old games look so beautiful because they’re old or are they just well-designed? Check out these vintage games—from Shut-the-Box to chess.


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