This trivet DIY is a great Kids craft
One fun way to do that is to turn it into a simple trivet – to place cold and hot items on, like your daily cup of joe Take your work of art and cut to the size of a thick piece of tile. Next take a square of cork and cut that also to the size of the tile. Brush on Mod Podge to stick the cork to the tile and brush on more Mod Podge to attach your art work to the other side of the tile.
  1. Place tile on the cork and slice off the excess with a utility knife. Glue them together with Mod Podge and let dry.
  2. Trim the artwork to just a bit smaller than the tile, glue it to top of the tile with Mod Podge and let dry.
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  4. Add more coats of Mod Podge for a seal and protection, letting it thoroughly dry in between coats.