Moss and Flowers DIY recipe
You can, however, get a very similar effect using fewer flowers and lots of beautiful moss. At a fraction of the price, it’s a breathtaking and budget-friendly way to go!
Servings Prep Time
1person 30minutes
Servings Prep Time
1person 30minutes
  1. Spray the foam sheet with glue in patches, and apply moss as flat as possible, until completely covered.
  2. Fill flower picks with water and push in a flower heads…
  3. Snip the rubber cap if needed to accommodate a wider stem.
  4. Push the flower picks into the moss covered foam sheet in little bundles. You could make a ‘halo’ around where a person’s head might be, if standing in front for photographs.
  5. Snip bits of the tiny woodsy, wax flowers (leaving a bit of woodsy stem for strength) and push them into the moss covered foam all over.
Recipe Notes

Think ‘forest floor.’ Now it doesn’t get much more beautiful than this! Keep it simple and learn how to cook, garden, and decorate your home with Katie Brown.