Gift Wrap Silverware Holder
These quick and easy silverware wraps are festive and fun, and really add a touch of excitement to your holiday table. After all, everyone loves a gift, and the gift of a beautiful home-cooked dinner is certainly something worth cheering about.
Prep Time
Prep Time
  1. Take your knife, spoon and fork and wrap them in an ‘envelope’ of wrapping paper, so the opening is towards the back. Let the tips of the silverware peek out of the top.
  2. Make a pom pom of gift wrap, by cutting two large squares from it.
  3. Spray glue them together, so that both sides have the design.
  4. Cut long strips, about ¼-1/2” wide, and stack them together.
  5. Cut that pile of strips in half, and stack them together again.
  6. Depending of the thickness desired for your paper pom pom, take about ten strips piled together, and tie a ribbon around the center, letting the ribbon have a long. pretty tail.
  7. Pull each strip gently from the center upwards, to ‘fluff’ your pom pom.
  8. Place the ‘pom pom’ on top the the envelope on your plate.