DIY How to make a rustic and elegant table top with Burlap
This tabletop Christmas tree is made from pieces of rustic burlap but manages to have an elegant and delicate look to it. When combined with seasonal greens and reds, you’ve got a wonderful holiday centerpiece that really stands out. It’s simple and inexpensive and lots of fun to build. So make yourself a hot chocolate, get out the burlap, and get crafty.
  1. Start with a cone made from chicken wire (a square of chicken wire rolled into a cone, pinched together). Shape it with your fingers, scrunching and pulling it into the shape you want.
  2. Cut 4-inch squares of burlap.
  3. Starting at the top, poke the first piece of burlap through the top hole. Shape it into a point.
  4. Continue poking the squares through the holes as you make your way down the cone.
  5. On the bottom row, let the squares trail outward like slippers to give the tree a pretty finish.
Recipe Notes

Rustic placemat and plate-wrap
There are trends that deserve to be a flash in the pan and then there are trends that embrace a classic movement that has stood the test of time.
Mixing natural elements from the outdoors with touches of red and organic white in your place settings, may be the hot trend at the moment, but it is certainly also a time-honored tradition in parts of the world that spend their winters covered in snow.
Simple and inexpensive, these ideas will leave you with time to actually enjoy your Christmas Holiday.

Dishtowels in ‘vintage white’ with a little stripe of red
Thin 1/4” ribbon – natural or vintage feel to it
Glue dots

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1. Iron the dishtowel so that it has no creases.
2. Lay the towel down on the table as a placemat, letting 1/3 of it hang down over the table’s edge.
3. Wrap the plate in one strand of the ribbon, cut to fit the plate.
4. Attach the ribbon by tying a knot, under the plate.
A burlap candle centerpiece
Burlap … rough and heavy? Not always! This candle wrap, with the lightest touch of burlap, will have your holiday table glowing with the feel of nature brought indoors.
You may not be celebrating the season in a snowy cabin in the north, but you sure can warm up your decor and pretend you are.

Large glass vase
Burlap lace ribbon
Short pillar candle, ivory or white
3 flat sprigs of cedar
Handful of red winter berries
Glue dots

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1. Lay the sprigs of cedar at the bottom of the vase, with stems facing center.
2. Place the pillar candle in the center, on top of stems.
3. Cut a length of burlap lace ribbon to fit around the top half of vase.
4. Stick a glue dot to the vase, at the height you want the ribbon.
5. Stick one end of ribbon to the glue dot, wrap the rest of ribbon around the vase, and attach it with one more glue dot at the end.
6. Trim ribbon with scissors so it meets the other end exactly flat.
7. Toss in a tiny handful of red berries, to achieve a delicate, natural look.